Victoria Education Centre Aviation Day

Aerobility volunteer, Charlie, was part of a team that went to Poole last week with the mobile simulator to take part in the Victoria Education Centre’s aviation themed sports week. Here, he tells us about the day!

What a great day, beautiful weather for the drive down south to Poole, so early in the morning. Once we arrived a very warm welcome was received by Martin and his team who showed us where to go and what to do and most importantly where the coffee was. 

With a quick setup it was straight into action with the first class. We laid out multiple stations where the children could look and touch really flying equipment from headsets to maps and charts. We have a few pilot jackets too, which the children out on while they had their turn in the simulator. 

The simulator was running almost all the time, with all the children flying from a multitude of airports ranging from Buenos Aries to Hong Kong and Bournemouth in between. We tried to give the students approximately 5 minutes on the simulator with a take off, turns (which may have included a few aerobatics) and then a landing usually on the runway (but not all the time). I don't think we had one student without a smile by the end of their turn. 

 The day then turned to the flying of their "home built" aircraft, of which Andrea, Nick and Ian were the proud judges for the completion. With 6-8 aircraft flown there were many great designs and flight paths that ranged from very short to continuous, which provided many laughs, not only at the aircraft but the staff showed off their make up and dress up talents for cabin crew, ground staff, and security. 
We the finished off with a final session for the last few in the simulator and then it was "home time" and the big clear up was underway before we journeyed back to black usage and our homes for a well needed cup of tea and a snooze.
Geri BurtonComment