Aerobility Ballooning Update

Aerobility's Operations Manager with an update on our exciting new ballooning venture...

Hello All,

In the last few months we have successfully taken delivery of our own balloon envelope, arranged for this to carry an Aerobility banner, and have purchased and commissioned a duo chair. The balloon was inflated at AeroExpo Sywell, and I think you will agree a very fine sight it made. We have put together a team of experienced balloon instructors who are very much committed to enabling balloon flight for Aerobility Flyers and the original Breitling Balloon is still available.

It has been a hectic few months here at Blackbushe, but I believe we are finally ready to offer an initial trial flight in the duo chair to Aerobility Flyers who would like to get airborne. Once you have experienced this trial, Aerobility will be pleased to consider you for ongoing balloon flight  training. Cost have yet to be finalised, but with the usual Aerobility heavy subsidy, we would envisage a figure of around £70 hour. Due to the nature of UK weather you should be ready to fly at short notice if at all possible, although of course there is no obligation if you have a prior appointment. Most flying is likely to take place early morning or evening, so get the alarm set and ready. Once I know that you are seriously interested, we will either invite you to an initial briefing (probably to be held in the evening) or if you live far from Blackbushe put you in touch with a local instructor. Both balloons are located in the south of England, so realistically this is currently an offer for those who live in the south only, but if you live further north and are seriously interested, please let me know and I will see what we can arrange.

We have also received a very generous donation from a British balloonist based in Japan who has donated his nearly new Ultramagic H31 single man balloon complete with burner, cylinder, chair and blower. Our current plan is to sell the equipment and use the proceeds to support our continued ballooning efforts. It’s early days yet, but thanks’ to the generosity of BA cargo, we have already shipped the equipment to the UK; watch this space as they say.



Operations Manager
Geri BurtonComment