I want to FLY

Can I fly?


Aerobility has worked extremely hard to make sure that everybody can fly, whatever their impairment.

We have developed aircraft adaptations, hoisting techniques and other solutions to make sure flying is fully accessible. Not everyone can go on to hold a licence, but everyone can fly as long as they can move something!

We try to be as inclusive as possible, providing for the whole spectrum of disability and impairment, including: mobility issues, learning difficulties and sensory problems, through to neurological disorders and amputation - and all points in between. We've probably come across your impairment before, and we'll have a strategy which will allow you to fly.


You will find an 'access requirements' field on the enquiry form - use this to let us know the degree to which your mobility is restricted: a hoist may be the most suitable way for you to access the aircraft, but If you don't tell us, we may not have a suitable aircraft available on the day.

The only qualification for a trial flight is that you must have an impairment, and be considered as disabled as per standard government guidelines! 


See how our hoist works in this video: