Your chance to fly in a Tiger Moth!

Introducing, Aerobility Tiger Moth Sunday!

We are pleased to announce that with the assistance of some great friends of Aerobility, we will be holding a Tiger Moth Day at White Waltham airfield on Sunday 17th September. This day will be open to all our flyers and there will be a special hoist available for those who need it. There will be a small 'token' charge, but we will endeavour to keep this as low as possible.

To those who have never visited White Waltham before, you are in for a treat - the airfield has a lovely 'retro' feel to it. What better way to spend a (hopefully warm) Sunday while waiting for your flight. Sipping coffee and enjoying sandwiches on the lawn has to up there as one of the best ways to spend part of your weekend.

Although this experience is open to all Aerobility flyers the number of people who can fly will be limited and strictly by invitation only.  

To ensure everyone receives a fair chance of securing an invitation, please contact by 17:00 on Thursday 7th September and we will draw names from the hat the next day. 

If you don't hear from us by 17:00 on Friday 8th September then we're sorry, that means your name has not been drawn.

Please remember, that to be eligible to entered into the next Fridays draw, you must be an existing flyer with Aerobility. 

Best of luck to everyone who puts themselves forward for the chance to undertake this amazing experience. 

Laura MilesComment