Persimmon Homes become Aerobility Wing Walkers!

We are delighted to announce a team of three wing walkers from one of our valued local supporters - Persimmon Homes Thames Valley! The team includes:

Megan Ainsworth-Almond - Customer Care Administrator.
Susanne Hayter - Sales Administrator. 
Zakary Yates - Trainee Quantity Surveyor.  

Persimmon Homes have been a regular supporter of Aerobility since we first met the Thames Valley Managing Director, Martyn Clark over three years ago. Martyn, who flies himself, was quickly able to recognise the value in the services Aerobility provide, which sowed the seed for developing our partnership. 
It was a pleasure to host the Persimmon Homes Team early last year, so they could experience the facilities first-hand that make what Aerobility do possible. Since then, the team have regularly kept in touch and fundraised on our behalf, so it's amazing to have them join us for this exciting event!
Please show your support for our friends at Persimmon Homes as they undertake this exhilarating challenge!
You can find the teams fundraising page here: Persimmon Homes Wing Walking Team
Or if you would prefer to sponsor the team members individually, here are links to their personal online event pages:          Megan           Susanne            Zakary 

 A huge thank you to everyone at Persimmon Homes for your continued support!
Laura MilesComment