Small Charity Week - 13th to 18th June

Hello Aerobility Supporters!

You can help us to win £150 in this year’s #ILoveSmallCharities Small Charity Week competitions just by posting a message on Facebook  or by Tweeting. Prize money aside, this is an amazing opportunity for you to support us in raising awareness of the work we do, which is even more valuable.

The competitions are open from June 13th – 18th and the charity that gets the most messages of support on each social media channel wins a £150 donation. Messages can be from
staff, volunteers, service users and supporters!
It’s really easy to post your message.

1. Take a photo of yourself holding up a poster with the following text: “I love Aerobility because (why you love us)”. You can print a copy of the poster template here:

2. Upload the photo to Twitter, making sure you include the following for your vote to be counted: @SCWeek2016 @Aerobility #ILoveSmallCharities


2. Upload the photo to the Small Charities Week Facebook page ( and include the following for your vote to be counted: @Aerobility Charity and #ILoveSmallCharities

Although the competition states they would prefer a photo, if you don’t have a camera you are welcome to simply write a message of love, following the instructions given above.

So get creative and tell the world why you love us between June 13th - 18th .

Please note any messages of love submitted outside these dates or missing @SCWeek2016 (for Twitter)/@Aerobility/#ILoveSmallChairties won’t be counted. For more information about the competition visit the Small Charity Week website

From Monday 13th June, we will begin posting our HQ selfies - we can't wait to see yours!

A huge thank you from everyone at Aerobility for your support.
Laura MilesComment