Fulfilling a dream - Christian has gone solo!

Since joining us in March, our superstar flyer Christian Saleta is clocking up the hours in his pilot training.  He now has 42 hours under his belt with 1 hour and 4 minutes of those hours being solo.
Christian posing proudly on the wing of his beloved Fox Papa
Christian explained that becoming ready to go solo had taken a bit longer than anticipated - not because of his disability, but because he has felt more fearful as he has got older, especially of landing!

With help from CFI, Mike Owen, Christian managed to conquer his landing fears and successfully undertook his first solo flight last Tuesday 17th May! The day finished with a celebratory meal, which included a very special guest -  Jessica Cox, star of the film Right Footed.
Celebrating with friends and fellow flyers.
With an invigorated confidence, Christian's goal is to achieve his PPL with support from Aerobility by July this year and hopes to start planning for hi cross-country check very soon.

From everyone at Aerobility, congratulations on this incredible achievement!

You can read more about Christian's journey here:

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