AEP Airfield Operations

This week we looked at Airfield Operations and looked in particular at Heathrow.

The group looked at the history of Heathrow right from the days when it was just a field to the present day.  It was fascinating watching an old black and white film from 1949!

The group looked at facts and figures about Heathrow. For example in it's early days Heathrow had 400,000 passengers per year - now? It's a staggering 73,400,000 per year!!!

The group then worked in pairs.  They had to put the steps of a typical check-in and flight in order.  For example, when to show a boarding card, when to pass through security or when to check-in the cases.  This was then followed by another short film about the route a passengers luggage takes through the airport to the right plane.  It was very interesting especially when you consider that the airport handles nearly 1.5 tonnes of luggage a year!!

Nic SaundersComment