AEP How We Fly

Last Saturday was the latest AEP session and it was on the subject of How We Fly.

The group focussed on navigation and looked at the relation between time, speed and distance, as well as direction.

They split in to 3 groups and had to carry out a 'mission' on or near the Isle of Wight.  The first group, Jamie and Tom, had to fly tourists from Yarmouth to the Spinnaker Tower.  The second group, Michael and Georgie, had to fly a photographer from Sandown to Beaulieu and the third group, Connor and Andre, had to send a helicopter to a ship in distress in the English Channel! They had to use a compass and coordinates to navigate their way and refer to aerial photographs to check they were on course and to spot any hazards. They also worked out how long they would be flying for, the distance covered and how much the fuel would cost.  A lot of maths this week!!

Nic SaundersComment