AEP Farnborough Fire Station Trip

Everyone arrived at Farnborough Airport Fire Station ready for an early start. Watch manager Fireman Peter Powell and his colleagues gave us a warm welcome and then briefed us all about their Fire Station and their duties and responsibilities regarding the airport, and our safety during our visit. We were then briefed on the equipment used by Firemen and specifically their breathing apparatus which everyone was invited to try on and all the boys had a go. The boys were also introduced to the infrared camera and the Fireman’s uniforms which they were invited to wear for the morning. Waiting for us outside was a Rosenbauer Panther Fire Engine. Those boys that were able to were invited to climb on top of the vehicle (which they accessed through the cab of the Fire Engine) to use the Water Cannon which they used with great enthusiasm. Those that had a physical disability were invited to use the cannon sitting in the cab of the Fire Engine or a small Fireman’s hose on the ground.
The next challenge was to rescue a casualty from a burning building. Our house mock-up was below ground.  Harmless vegetable smoke was used to get a feel for the type of conditions Firemen have to experience whilst fighting fires. To great applause the boys found the casualty and carried him out. Next, a teamwork exercise in the Fireman’s external training area.  It was time to do some hose work with full size hoses and get a feel for the strength of water under pressure whilst attempting to knock over the
cone.  Everyone was encouraged to work together as a team and to shout commands at the person manning the fire hydrant such as ‘hose on!!’ and ‘hose off!!’When this task was completed the whole team had to line up and stand to attention whilst our senior fireman reported to the ‘Watch manager’ that the task was complete. To identify that all Fireman were safe we all had to shout our identifying numbers to the watch manager which we all found hard to do without giggling. At the end of the day our young, brave Firemen were awarded with honorary ‘Firefighter for a day’ certificates.                                                                                                          

Our thanks to Fire Chief Ian Fisher and Watch manager Peter Powell and all the team at Farnborough Airport Fire Station for an awesome visit.
Nic SaundersComment