AEP Airfield Operations 3

This week the Aviation Education Programme looked at Airfield Operations and concentrated on Heathrow.  The group watched a short film about the beginnings of Heathrow Airport, then called London Airport, and learnt various facts and figures about the comings and goings at the airport today.  For example, the group learnt that Heathrow, being the busiest airport in the world, has 470,000 movements each year and 53,000,000 bags are placed in the hold of the aircraft each year. There are also 1,420.000 tons of cargo arriving and departing Heathrow every year.  The group then watched another video about baggage handling, which was very interesting. The session ended with a brief about the upcoming trip to Farnborough Airport, which should prove to be a fantastic day!

Nic SaundersComment