Paul prepares for the challenge of a lifetime to support Aerobility

Last year Paul Yates decided to take on the challenge of a lifetime by signing up to run the 2015 London Marathon to raise money for Aerobility. With only 8 weeks to go here's Pauls training update:

'Training is going very well even with a couple of hiccups along the way including a dodgy knee and a touch of man flu. I've been lucky with the weather for my long runs so far, I do these on a Saturday and I'm doing quite a bit of cycling to mix things up a bit. The next milestone I'm working towards is the Reading Half Marathon which takes place on the 22nd March. I'm very weak when it comes to things that could get in the way of training, bad weather, a warm fire but especially a cheeky beer or two! So I've also been 'on the wagon' since January 1st which is a task in itself, especially during the Six nations! If you think the running and training or my abstinence from the amber nectar deserves a donation or two please visit my fundraising page'