Flying Day at Sleap

What a busy September we are having!
On Thursday, Craig, our CFI at Tatenhill and Alex, took G –LH over to Sleap to fly patients from the Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt orthopaedic hospital in Oswestry.
They completed six flights with patients from the hospital at the controls and a member of the hospital staff in the rear seat.
All of them enjoyed flying the aircraft, even the one lady who had to be persuaded to have go for a few minutes. Everyone enjoyed the day very much although the visibility was not the best !!

This particular day was organised with the cooperation of Sleap Airfield who waived landing fees for the day. Many thanks to them and to Shropshire Aero Club who were very helpful and accommodating. Your help and support is invaluable to us. Thank you!

Deborah MillsComment