Reading Half Marathon - A Training Update

Thank you to everyone who has already donated to the Aerobility Runners. The Reading Half Marathon is just two weeks away now and so we're all in peak physical fitness (well, some more than others...) Here's a little update for you on how we've been getting on!

Karl Hinett, Aerobility student and winner of the Aerobility Sword for Aviator of the Year 2013, continues to amaze us and puts my 'long Sunday runs' to shame.He has just returned from Northern Norway, where he competed in a 100 mile race through the Arctic. As you can imagine, Karl told me that "it was incredibly tough and slow going and the survival aspect of the race made it even more challenging. It now makes me look forward to the nice fast road race of Reading. I'm hoping with all my recent training that I can get a sub 1hrs45mins finish on race day!"

Although not everyone has gone as far as Norway, everyone in the Aerobility Runners team is battling towards a personal target. Audrey has shown incredible determination in following her training plan to the letter and has most definitely made the transition from a walker to a runner. James managed to make it out for a 16 mile adventure run around Camberley and I have somewhat foolishly entered a 10 mile 'training race' on Sunday.

With new trainers and running watches researched, expert lycra running gear purchased, and a stockpile of energy drinks hoarded, all we need to do now is reach our fundraising target! Each of the Aerobility Runners has a personal connection with Aerobility that makes those early morning runs just about bearable, and we'd all really appreciate a contribution to help us on our way. Whether it's £5 or £500, it all helps us to keep Aerobility flying.

You can donate and learn more about us all by visiting the Aerobility Runners website page 

Thank You!
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