It's probably the most common advice offered to new pilots, but don't wait too long to ask for help. Whether you're trapped above clouds, "temporarily disoriented" or have some other problem, someone on the ground may be able to help.

If you do get into trouble, remember THE FOUR Cs of any emergency other than loss of power or fire:
  • ·       Climb
  • ·         Communicate
  • ·         Confess
  • ·         Comply

Climb for better radio reception

Communicate with someone on the ground who can help

Confess the details of your situation, whether or not it’s of your own making

Comply with any directions received

Remember that while this may be your first emergency, the person on the other end of the radio may have dealt with the same problem a dozen or more times. He or she is very likely to have access to information, equipment and assets that you don't.

Tony BirthComment