For those who haven’t read it, GASCO’s Flight Safety Winter edition describes the following incident worth noting:

“The aircraft was being flown to familiarise a prospective new member of the syndicate which owned it. An existing syndicate member occupied the right seat and the possible new member occupied the left seat. After a short flight the aircraft landed and tipped onto its nose and right wingtip.

Neither of the two occupants consider that they were THE COMMANDER OF THE AIRCRAFT, and both provided conflicting accounts! ……… “

Here we have two experienced pilots, not novices, who might have been expected to have observed the need for designated command in any flight situation, and yet the incident still occurred. Thoughtlessness before the flight? Or a post-incident desire to avoid responsibility?  Who knows?

What the incident confirms is that in a multi-crew environment there is a definite and clear need for the establishment of the command structure to be applied before any aircraft leaves the parking area!

Tony BirthComment