Don't become Incident #5!

Incident #1:
PA18 bounced twice after touchdown and pilot decided to commence go-around. Airspeed was low and pitch-down could not be arrested, causing propeller and nose to strike the ground. The aircraft overturned onto its back

Prevention: Pilot admitted he should have initiated go-around immediately after the first bounce.

Incident #2:
PA32 touched down a significant distance along the wet grass strip, and could not be stopped before crashing through a fence beyond the end of the runway.

Prevention: Landing should have been aborted prior to touchdown in favour of go-around.

Incident #3:
TB20 landing on 550m grass runway damp with dew touched down about half way along. Hard braking induced a skid, causing the left main landing gear to collapse.

Prevention: Pilot commented that grass was wetter than he realised, and that with hindsight he should have aborted landing in favour of go-around as his margin for error was too small.

Incident #4:
CF172 performing practice circuits considered his touch-and-go approach to be normal but on touchdown the aircraft bounced twice, then landed nose-wheel first causing the propeller to strike the runway.

Prevention: As with Incident 1 above, pilot agreed he should have initiated go-around after the first bounce.

(Incident reports courtesy of GASCO Flight Safety)

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