We have referred previously to this subject, and the following two Incident Reports from GASCO Flight Safety serve to highlight likely consequences of failing to establish and maintain a stabilised approach as early as possible.

Incident #1:

C152 on first solo circuit flown by a Student. All normal until the final stage, when the aircraft was observed to flare too high, causing a high descent rate which remained uncorrected. The aircraft bounced and the Student attempted to initiate go-around by applying full power and pulling back on yoke. The aircraft developed a nose-high attitude, the left wing dropped and the aircraft hit the ground in a left-wing low attitude.

Incident #2:

EV97 on short finals when the pilot realised he was too slow and too low. He applied power but could not prevent the aircraft from landing heavily in what he considered to be a level attitude. The landing roll was completed and a normal stop was made. However, post-flight inspection revealed right wing damage consistent with it having struck the ground.

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