AeroBILITY has been awarded a grant from The Veterans’ Foundation to help them provide more Trial Flights and Flight Training for veterans. 

Written by Aerobility WIS Military Engagement & Activities Manager, Werner Stroud.


‘Hi, I work at AeroBILITY and I am an Army veteran who plays the Veterans’ Lottery.  I am delighted to announce that The Veterans’ Foundation have just awarded a grant to enable us to continue to enable servicemen with disabilities to fly.  Every year we support over 600 disabled people a third of which are wounded, injured and sick (WIS) personnel from across the Armed Forces.  Our aircraft are specially adapted meaning that no matter what a person's disability, they are able to take the controls themselves.  For people who have not had this opportunity before, the experience of flying brings a confidence, a self-belief, camaraderie and a freedom that is hard to achieve in any other activity. 

Time and time again we see such powerful outcomes including management of pain, relief from PTSD, learning new things with the potential to gain a new career, improved physical health, enhanced well-being and a shared experience with both military and civilian disabled people in the crew room.  One of our veteran colleague's testimony below is typical of how AeroBILITY is changing lives 

“…the sense of achievement was incredible and only possible because of the team at AeroBILITY and you know what? It’s not just about beating up clouds, which is cool, but, equally important is the community spirit that grabs you as soon as you walk in through the door. AeroBILITY has put my head in a really good place, a place that now looks forward to the future rather than fearing it.” 

You can support AeroBILITY alongside hundreds of other charities by playing the Veterans’ Lottery as this is how the Veterans Foundation raise the majority of their funding for good causes. It only costs £10 a month to join and you can win up to £25,000 every month, but you’ll also be helping great charities like ours to carry out their indispensable work.’


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Laura Neaves