Your chance to skydive for Aerobility!

Would you like to take part in Aerobility's first ever charity skydive?

Could you raise just £450 in four months?

We don’t like to do things by halves, so our aim is to see 100 people jump in support of Aerobility, by taking part in The Big Skydive.

Working with GoSkydive, the UK's leading tandem skydive specialist based in Salisbury, we can ensure you have the most incredible experience possible at the same time as doing something else amazing and raising valuable funds for our charity.

All the information about the event and how to book your place can be found here - who is brave enough to be our first to sign up?!

Can people with a disability take part?

As a charity working with disabled people, Aerobility is keen to make this event as accessible as is safely possible. Although the ‘health requirements’ declaration may look daunting, we are delighted to confirm that GoSkydive are committed to support us in this aim.

If you have always wanted to skydive and are confidently able to adopt the safe freefall and landing positions, then please still complete the declaration and get in touch with Together with GoSkydive, we will do our best to make this experience possible for you.

With Special thanks to Jake Groves for initiating this event - here's why...

"I’m 17 years old, and completing my last year of A-Levels. I’m also a student pilot having started my flight training on my 14th Birthday and flying solo on my 16th Birthday. 

I aspired to raise money for charity because I wanted to do more with regards to giving, but also to raise more awareness for my chosen charity, Aerobility. 

I chose Aerobility over many other incredibly deserving charities because they do something close to my heart. No matter what may prevent someone on the ground, Aerobility gives people the ability to pursue their dreams to fly.

I discovered Aerobility at my local airfield, where I got chatting with a disabled pilot from the charity. I saw first-hand how Aerobility makes a positive impact on the lives of their flyers and from then on in, I was committed to helping this extremely worthy cause in any way I could. What better way than to jump out of a plane at 10,000ft with a parachute strapped to your back?!"

Please join us.

It is always touching when we are contacted out of the blue by someone who wants to support our charity and Jake is no exception. This event is totally his vision and we hope you will help us turn it into a reality by becoming part of The Big Skydive today. 

Laura MilesComment