Aerobility visit the British Airways 747 Simulator!

One of our lucky flyers that attended, Damian Hunter has kindly put together the following words of thanks to the people that made this event possible. 
"Thank you to the Air League and British Airways for the great experience. It was both exciting and very educational. 

The tour round BA's Safety Equipment and Procedures centre was very informative."
"Thank you to Andy Clubb for the very good safety demonstration. And explained thoroughly how the brace position works and the importance of the position following a demonstration on how to use the emergency inflatable slides. 

"Hopefully none of us will have to use either the brace position or the slides, when travelling!"
"From there we walked across to the Simulator Hall where we were given a briefing and went to our Simulator with our instructors.

On my group we completed a series of touch and goes, which in a 747-400 is obviously harder than in a Piper Warrior - you learn how very helpful the trim is.

Thank you to British Airways for giving us the time in the Simulators and also to Andy Perkins for making it happen."
Another of our Flyers, Harvey Matthewson at the controls!

Laura MilesComment