Aerobility ‘Pull a Rivet” Afternoon

Sunday 19th February - 13:00 in the Aerobility Hagar at Blackbushe. 

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to build your own aeroplane? Is it something you would like to do, but not sure if you have the ability or stamina, or are you simply interested in what’s involved? Would you like to participate in a build, but with no obligation or financial investment? In which case the Aerobility ‘Pull a Rivet’ afternoon at Blackbushe on Sunday 19th February at 13:00 is made for you. Bring your wife / husband, children and Grandmother all will be welcome, to attend this fully inclusive introductory session.
Patricia and Jonathan ‘Yaw’ Porter are building a Zenair CH750 plane purchased as a kit. Patricia is particularly keen to ensure that people traditionally excluded from aircraft building projects such as women, children and disabled people are given the opportunity to hear about building a kit plane and on the same day able to participate in the actual build by pulling a rivet.
To this end Patricia and Jonathan will bring with them to Blackbushe part of the fuselage and the necessary tools to enable this sub section to be completed on the day. There is no obligation to participate, perhaps you would rather just come along and get a feel for how it works? But true to Aerobility’s ethos of inclusivity, everyone who wants to try will get the opportunity, and we mean everyone.
Don’t forget the hangar has full heating, with coffee and biscuits available, so providing a comfortable environment in which to spend an enjoyable and fun Sunday afternoon, who knows you might just be hooked. But whatever else you’ll have a great time.
If this is of interest just let Brian at Operation’s know, and remember feel free to bring the family or simply yourself. An inclusive event, both able bodied and persons with an impairment equally welcome.

Brian Catchpoole

To find out more about this project please see their Website or Facebook page

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