Touring Group Trip to France - Part Two.

D-Day Beaches, Adam Stone (PIC LAPL VFR) Pilot 16th-19th September 2016

Thursday  8th  September - LFRK - EGJJ    EGJJ  LFRK

I was refreshed ready for my first flight with Claire as my passenger into Jersey, again we’re blessed with good weather.  The approach into the airport was stunning, perfect VFR flying weather.  We were routed by ATC over Elizabeth Castle and St. Helier, such breath taking views. We were again treated to another surprise.
Just after landing, the roar of six Rolls Royce Merlin engines greeted us, up ahead were the  Avro Lancaster, the Hawker Hurricane and the Super Marine Spitfire in formation flight.  It was a true honour and an emotional moment for me, sharing the runway with the very same pilots who had chosen me for The Battle of Britain Bursary.
We had a wonderful welcome from Eveline Hawkin and her team at Helping Wings, based at the Jersey Aero Club.  We all had great afternoon sharing stories at the Jersey airshow. 
To complete our visit to Jersey we were treated to the amazing sight of the RED ARROWS landing.  This really was the icing on the cake. What an end to such a perfect visit.

I will always remember the view whilst departing Jersey.  My birds eye view from the cockpit of the Corbiere light house glistening white in the afternoon sunshine. 
Back in  Caen that evening we all went out to dinner with Didier.  It was a good time to share our experiences and highlights of the day.  It certainly was a very memorable evening. I feel as though I know people a little better and certainly feel part of a great team. 
 Friday   9th  September - LFRK - LFAT       LFAT  EGLK

Flying with Brain Catchpole in G-BSYY 
The dramatic French coast line bathed in glorious sunsine, we made our way up the coast to Le Touquet. 
At le Touquet  just after we shutdown the Aircraft, a Lockheed P-38 Lightning and Vought F4U Corsair (Red Bull display team)  took off together in formation.  What excellent timing on our behalf, it just couldn’t get any better and was the perfect ending to a fantastic trip!
Flying G-UCAN Home. After all this excitement and a well earned cup of coffee I  headed back to Blighty with Damian.  This time the weather was on our side, looking out I saw the White Cliffs of Dover in the distance, they were a true welcome home.  I  gave a thought to all those WW1 and 2 soldiers who were the lucky ones to make it back, how this view must have been a comfort to the air crews; you are home.

Thank you to all those involved on this trip, what an adventure!  

Adam C. Stone
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