Aerobility - 'We're the Superhumans'

Aerobility are incredibly proud to feature in the in the second-most-shared advert of all time, achieving over 1.26 million shares across social media in just three weeks - not to mention over 33 million views!

For anyone who might not have spotted us, Aerobility feature at at 1 minute 53 seconds with a shot of the famous Jessica Cox, star of 'Right Footed', flying our beloved Fox Papa for the aircraft's Superhuman shoot.

The three-minute long advert, created to celebrate Channel 4's Paralympic coverage, enlisted a cast of 140 disabled athletes, musicians and members of the public, all demonstrating their superhuman qualities.
You can find a link to the ad on Facebook and YouTube below - please help boost those views and shares even higher!

With over 4.17 million views on YouTube

And over 29 million views on Facebook

Read more about the ad here as it also features Fox Papa and Jessica Cox!

Laura MilesComment