Touring Group to Old Warden - written by Aerobility Flyer Brian Jupp

Saturday 16th July saw our smallest touring group trip so far.  Only three members and one instructor flew off to Old Warden airfield to view the Shuttleworth collection.

The flyers were Brian Jupp, Barry Hobkirk and Richard Bulley, accompanied by Stuart Redman–Lusher as instructor.

For a change, the weather was flyable so Richard flew with Stuart, as he needed the hand control and be able to log the flying hours, while I flew with Barry. The trip up was the usual route, via Stokenchurch tower and took about 34 minutes in the Cherokee 6, flown by Barry and just a bit over that for Richard and Stuart. There was a display of old farm machinery and of course the aircraft, firstly in the hangars and later out on the field with some of them being flown.

The route back for Barry and myself was via Stapleford, Thurrock and the M25 corridor, being instructed by Farnborough to fly via Ockham and to approach Blackbushe from the north to keep clear of FIA display. I must be getting better as my landing was ok. Richard and Stuart landed a few minutes after us, having reversed the outbound route.

A shame there were only 3 of us, come on touring group members, don't let us lose this opportunity to fly away as a group!