Peter Brown

Peter Brown's long standing connection with Blackbushe Airport continues with his forum, "Blackbushe Airport, The One-Stop Forum", and launching  the current Blackbushe Air Day project. 

A founder member of two of the early Blackbushe based flying clubs in the 1960's, as a teenager Peter spent part of his weekends washing club aircraft in exchange for free flying lessons.
Interviewed a number of times on local radio in connection with his events , Peter has also had numerous letters printed in the local and international press supporting Blackbushe and the value of an airfield in its location.

In the 1970's he ran two large air shows at Blackbushe and was Public Relations Officer for the then Blackbushe Airport Users' Association. 

The "Great Blackbushe Aviators' Weekends" were also his creations, as were the 1992 50th Anniversary celebrations of Blackbushe Airport.  Most recently his sign "The Airlines of  Blackbushe Airport" was unveiled adjacent to the main Terminal Building. The ceremony was performed by Harold Bamberg, Founder and Chairman of Eagle Airways - a major British independent airline founded at Blackbushe.

The 2016 Blackbushe Air Day is the most recent project Peter has instigated, and he is optimistic of being closely involved in future events such as The Blackbushe 75th Anniversary in 2017.

Peter is a great friend and supporter of all things Blackbushe, including Aerobility, so we are delighted to be involved in delivering his Blackbushe Air Day vision. In return, all proceeds raised on the day are kindly being donated to Aerobility.

Please check our Peter's forum for the latest airfield news, along with wonderful photos and anecdotes, both past and present

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