Fundraising news - Andy Taylor in Maastrict Ironman!

Fundraising news - Andy Taylor in Maastrict Ironman!

As some of you may already know Andy Taylor, a volunteer flying instructor is raising money for Aerobility as he undertakes the massive Masstrict Ironman on 31st July - a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle and a 26.2 mile run!

In the lead up to this mammoth event, Aerobility will be following Andy's training progress, which has really picked up over the last few weeks and to quote Andy, "has turned into a bit of a part-time job!"

Triggered by completion of a half marathon at the end of last summer, Andy was diagnosed with Achilles Tendinitis - a series of tiny tears to the middle portion of the tendon, causing sharp pain when attempts are made to run. After religiously following the doctors guidance for recovery, Andy has only just started to reintegrate running into his training!  

Andy tells us, "Working as a pilot gives me a lot of time on standby so I try to make the most of it by jumping on my indoor bike trainer or going to the local pool for a swim. I get to go further a field on my days off and I can usually be found on the country lanes in North Warwickshire.  Part of my contract involves spending some time being on standby for the coastguard in Prestwick. This is a bit of a change to my routine as I do need to be airborne within 30 minutes if called, so I can't venture too away from the airport. To squeeze my training in I head to the local swimming pool informing the lifeguards that they may receive a call at any time which would mean fishing me out the pool!  I'm following a 36 week training program and currently 18 weeks in - at the moment I'm training about 12 hours a week and have started pushing my bike rides beyond 50 miles which has been a bit of a step up and is usually followed by an eating binge!  Over the next few months this will increase up to 19 hours a week and will include swims in my local lake when the weather gets warmer.
I'd like to thank everyone at Aerobility and those affiliated with the charity for their support it means a lot and will keep my going on those long training sessions!"

Andy has promised us some training selfies for the next update blog, so keep an eye out!

If you'd like to track Andy's progress via Strava, click here
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