Fulfilling a dream - Intensive Pilot Training for Flyer Christian Saleta

Christian Saleta has cerebral palsy but this has not stopped him from undertaking an intensive course to complete his pilot training. 

Gaining his Class 2 Medical after a very tough set of tests, Christian set about fulfilling his dreams of becoming a pilot and headed to England from his home in Germany. 
After arriving at Aerobility on 23rd March 2016, Christian has already logged over 6 hours flying time as well as many hours in the classroom.  His passion for flying shines through in his determination.  He says himself that flying makes him feel equal.  It puts him on the same level as everyone else, if not better than many.
Christian has ambitions to become a member of a flying club one day and be totally in charge of his own aircraft. He would like to fly an aircraft all across Europe without a single limitation.
We wish Christian every success in his flight training and are proud to support him throughout his training and beyond.

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