British Gas Volunteer Day

You’ll already have seen the tweets, Facebook or Instagram posts, but we felt the first-class volunteer day with British Gas yesterday deserved a further mention.

After an introduction to Aerobility from Chief Exec Mike Miller-Smith and Laura Miles, Fundraising Officer, the team of six were ready to get stuck in – and there was plenty to do!

The team split in two to tackle the first tasks of the day, painting our recently donated wheelchair accessible picnic benches and the severely weathered concrete bollards surrounding the building. We all know first impressions count and displaying both a professional and welcoming appearance is really important to us. The difference was astounding!

The windy conditions got the better of us, so we agreed with the team it was better to give the spray painted logos a miss, but the stencils Louise made were excellent and will definitely be deployed when the time is right.

Next on the agenda was tackling the Aerobility Marquee, which was in need of an inspection after a busy summer in 2015. We were delighted to hear from the team that only one pole requires replacement and better yet, a passer-by offered to donate us another!

In readiness for Naidex2016, we also needed some help to load the Aerobility trailer with our mobile simulator – a crucial part of demonstrating the charity’s capabilities as well as winning the hearts and minds of potential donors and beneficiaries.

Once all of that was complete, we wanted to thank the team with a flight experience of their own on our fixed simulator.

The day was a huge success all round. We are sincerely grateful to British Gas for their teams’ time and effort. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and we hope to work with you again soon. Thank you!
Left to right - Andy Lovegrove, Alex Coward, Darren Green, Louise Evans, Dave Carter, Bill Thompson

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