Aerobility are looking for part-time or full-time instructors

Aerobility are looking for part-time or full-time instructors (preferably unrestricted) to come and join the most wonderful charity you can instruct at. We operate a number of aircraft including EASA's first production adapted Tecnam and Piper PA28's and PA32 with hand controls. We require you to be able to work in the UK and most of all be adaptable in your approach to teaching. Aerobility cover a full spectrum of disabled flying so can offer a great opportunity for adaptable instructing techniques.

Aerobility operate from Blackbushe (EGLK) all year round and have fantastic facilities - including our own heated hanger!

A quote from one of our part-time instructors sums up what he thinks of working at Aerobility:

'Instructing for Aerobility is the best instructing role I've ever had; competitive pay and genuinely gives me more daily satisfaction than any other flying I do or have done.'

Send your brief CV to Mike Owen, CFI Aerobility at outlining your experience, licence and ratings and your availability.

See for further details.