Aerobility – a flight of passage


As some of you may know I’m lucky enough to be an ambassador for the flying charityAerobility. I’ve had a great association with them since obtaining my initial pilot’s licence back in 2009 and was their first student to gain my PPL (private pilot’s licence).
However, over the last couple of years I feel like my commitment to them has been neglected slightly as any spare time for aviating has been focused solely on bringing the little Cub back to life. And so I haven’t been to see them in ages! I rectified that last week though.
I’ve been flying the Cub for quite some time now since G-BDEY came out of refit, and right from the beginning of the project I made it my priority to get the aeroplane down to Blackbushe, where Aerobility are based now, to show those guys the new aircraft...... to read more go to Arthur's blog
Nic SaundersComment