The Story of G-UCAN: Part V.

With Aero Friedrichshafen winding down for another year, our air party were making their way over to pick up G-UCAN. On arrival, they quickly learnt a thing or two about German abruptness...

Guy told us that on landing at Friedrichshafen "there was a car parked in middle of the taxiway, door left open, and the driver walking up and down,looking at the Cherokee6 in a very quizzical way, who then jumped back in, and sped off, with red lights flashing...

Nick continued along the taxiway, and to determine what we were to do? Asked if the car was our 'follow-me'? "Of course" was the clipped answer.

30 seconds later another another pilot got into a discussion with ATC about taxing.... there was a pause and we heard only 'To all pilots - I will talk, you will listen!'"

How many bags can you fit in one Cherokee 6?!
The group had a brief crossover with the remaining road party and a bit of time to enjoy the show before the task of returning G-UCAN to Blackbushe. 

They were joined by Tecnam's Fabio, who has put a huge amount of time and energy into the design and creation of the modifications and was very keen to see his project safely over the channel!
The Aerobility team with Fabio.

G-UCAN landed at Blackbushe for just a few minutes on Sunday afternoon before making its way up to Gloucestershire for final CAA approval. We're expecting it to return later this afternoon to take its place in the Aerobility fleet!

Geri BurtonComment