The Story of G-UCAN - Part I

As some of you may know, over the past few years Aerobility has been, and continues to be, generously supported by NATs and Prospect ACTO. The organisations raised a phenomenal amount of money between them to help the charity, with members and employees taking part in fundraising challenges and ventures over a two year period. With the money raised, Aerobility were able to purchase the world' first CS-VLA certificated aircraft factory designed and built with hand controls for use by people with disabilities. The aircraft is a Tecnam P2002 JF and if you'd like to see how the controls will work please have a look at this article on the Tecnam website:

We're really pleased to say that as we speak, a team from Aerobility are taking part in a handover ceremony at Aero Friedrichshafen. To mark this very special occasion, we will be blogging photographs from the exhibition and the journey of G-UCAN back to Aerobility HQ. We'll also be sharing stories of the journey that's been taken by everyone involved in this project, from the NATS and Prospect ATCO fundraisers to the Tecnam engineers - and lots of people in between!

Here are a few photos to get us going....

After a full day of driving, the road party are able to relax and taste some of the local beer!

The first viewing of G-UCAN for Team Aerobility - an exciting moment!

Enjoying the show - Martyn and Simon from NATS with Aerobility's Katy

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