The Reading Half Marathon : Well Done Team Aerobility!!

Yesterday, a team of Aerobility Runners made it around the 13.1 miles of the Reading Half Marathon after many weeks of training in the wind and the rain! It was a great effort from all involved, with everyone overcoming their own personal challenges and reaching their own personal goals (including a first place in the V55 Men's Category for Russell!)

Team Aerobility - Take 1

Team Aerobility - Take 2

It is safe to say that one motivation for making it round was the fantastic support and sponsorship we received - so a big, big thank you to everyone who donated to the Aerobility Runners!

Aerobility student, Karl, sprinting to the finish line - this is just training for his full marathon next week!

Also, a huge thank you to all of the runners for giving up their time - not just yesterday but all of those early mornings and late nights spent building up the miles in training! Which race do you want to do next?!

The fantastic Audrey who battled through months of training to complete the race - we are all very proud although perhaps no one quite as proud as our very own Brian!

Michael had a great run despite a knee injury and was seen sprinting off into the distance towards the finish line!

A personal best for our very lovely Chair of Trustees, Shona, who had only had 2 hours sleep after flying the Aerobility Aurora flight the night before!

You can still sponsor us by visiting our fundraising page - we really appreciate all support!

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