Aviation Education Programme - Evacuate!

Our Aviation Education Programme, funded by BBC Children in Need, is going from strength to strength and being enjoyed by the students and volunteers alike! Our last session was Fire and Rescue 2, and made for a fun-packed half-term day for the students with a good dose of education hidden in there somewhere...

After a few rounds of toast to make sure everyone was well fuelled (and that the smoke alarm was definitely working), the group kicked off with a trip across to the Blackbushe Fire Crew to see how it all really works. The students were given a full tour and a chance to get up close to a real working fire truck - of course, the obligatory trying on of the firemen's hats was also completed with great amusement!

Once back inside the warm and dry of Aerobility HQ, the students learnt that valuable life lesson of 'Fire Triangle Poker' - we can assure you that no monetary bets were placed, it was just pride on the line! So what was it - fire, oxygen and..?

Now that we'd all established what we need to make a fire, the students were given a crash course in what to do if an on-board fire forced the aircraft make a crash landing! Cries of "Brace! Brace" followed by the sound of stampeding footsteps (sorry, orderly calm footsteps) could be heard from the other side of the airfield, as could the raucous laughter that followed!

Up next we've got Aircraft Engineering 2 - that'll be the jet engine then everyone? Simple!

If you'd like to take part in our next Aviation Education Programme, either as a session volunteer, student mentor or module writer then please do get in touch. We will also soon be looking for students for the academic year 2014-15, so if you think this would be of interest to you or someone you know then let us know - the programme is open to young adults (14-19) and no prior knowledge of aviation is required, although an interest is recommended! Inquiries should be directed to Geri (geri@aerobility.com)

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