Aerobility visit to Heathrow - A Big Thank You!

This week, four lucky Aerobility members were given the opportunity to visit the Heathrow Control Tower. Andy Mercer, Aerobility volunteer and NATS air traffic controller, very kindly made this amazing opportunity possible.

Mike, Simon, Kevin, Kevin and Andy - the big smiles say it all!

The four lucky chaps successfully answered a devilishly difficult question, as set by Aerobility Quizmaster Mr Catchpoole, to win the chance to visit Heathrow. Once there, the group were given a full tour of the tower and the chance to go airside. Kevin came straight to Aerobility HQ after the tour to tell us all about it, with the viewing deck just below the tower being a definite highlight for him. The 360 degrees, panoramic view gave the guys the chance to see just about every aircraft you could hope for; the Airbus 380, 747s and 777s were just some of the planes spotted.

Our friends at BA came out to say hello!
The group had a fantastic day and would all like to extend their thanks to Andy for making it possible. A once in a lifetime experience for most, Mike told us that he'd been the envy of his friends many of whom were "green with envy"!

A perfect day for a spot of air traffic control...

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