Aerobility Ballooning Weekend at Enham Alamein

Aerobility recently held its first Ballooning Weekend, and thanks to some reasonable weather it was considered a great success. In all, five flights were completed, in what is known as a ‘duo chair’. Everyone joined in for some early starts and much was learnt. Unfortunately, the wind was a little too strong for some planned tethered flights, but that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. We now feel that the concept of teaching disabled people to fly has been proven, so the next step is to secure funding for next year.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Brian Jones and the crews for donating their time and equipment, and to Chandra McGowan and the staff at Enham who ensured that the accommodation and food was delivered in an efficient and friendly manner. What a great atmosphere (not forgetting the specially backed cake).

The last word goes to participant flyer Graham Mann “It has certainly boosted my self-confidence, as I feel like I can take on the World now.”