Another Aerobility Student flies through the Skills Test

Cpl Dave Rawlins completed all his training with Aerobility and passed his JAA PPL Skills Test with flying colours on 21st March 2012.

A BIG well done to Dave Rawlins who recently passed his skills test. Dave, one of our Battleback students, had been ready to take his skills test for several months having completed the majority of his training in 2011. But previously booked tests had been cancelled primarily due to unsuitable weather. Dave kept in good flying practice, but when he popped into Aerobility's new flying base at Blackbushe last Wednesday, he wasn't expecting to take his test. He wasn't even booked to fly. He was, in fact. just passing by.  Big mistake!  The weather was nearly perfect and after making several inquiries, Dave was duly informed by his Instructor that he would be taking his test that afternoon. As he sat preparing his flight, reports were made of Dave muttering under his breath along the lines of having been 'stitched up' by his Instructor. But, in this instance, his Instructor was vindicated. Dave passed with flying colours. The examiner reported literally "no debrief points", i.e. Dave flew very well. The smile on his face sums it up nicely. Well done Dave.