Amsterdam Marathon

Talking of marathons, Lasham Gliding Society member Jim Prichard and his family are participating in the Amsterdam Marathon on 16 October, and the good news is that they are kindly fundraising for Aerobility.

Jim writes:
"I bet that many of you are in awe of the courage of the disabled pilots at Lasham and the dedication of their instructors, and feel just a little bit like you ought to contribute somehow. Well this is your opportunity folks, just open the following link and release a chunk of money from your bank accounts!

Please do it straight away so that I don't have to email you all individually, I need all the time that's remaining before the 16th October o get my aged body into a condition that will take me to the finishing line of the Amsterdam Marathon.

Jim Pritchard"

It is a great initiative Jim and we wish you the best of luck. Please everyone lets the spread the word and make the most of this great opportunity.
Mike at AerobilityComment