Handiflight Switzerland

Unfortunately the weather in Switzerland last week was not great and we were unable to fly our aircraft over to Gruyere as planned. Mike Miller-Smith and Roger Dickson took part by road and Trish Amess was able to find a commercial flight. Despite the lack of flying it was great to catch up with our European friends. In addition this year we were lucky enough to get to know some of the new invited country representatives such as USA, Australia, New Zealand, Poland and Sweden. It was also great to see our fellow UK representatives from Walking on Air with gliding instructor and Aerobility member Steve Derwin.

Highlights included the meeting with the FAI General Secretary and developing the beginnings of a global information network for disabled aviators. Jet Man Yves Rossy thrilled as he talked us through the development and what it is like to fly his incredible jet powered wing.

Thanks as ever to Daniel and Sarah Ramseier for their tireless and effective organisation, to the Aero club of Gruyere and to all the volunteers and sponsors including the event's main supporter Breitling. Roll on July 2013!