Another taught from scratch

Superstar instructor Craig Knott and new PPL Brian Catchpoole

Many congratulations to Brian Catchpoole, who earlier this week completed his licence. Born and bred BDFA, and another first for Tatenhill, Brian sent me his views:

"So at long last, the final hurdle is cleared, seven theoretical exams, Flight RT theory and practical, Navigation skills test, Cross country, and General Skill test. Sometimes you feel it's a marathon that maybe was just a little too ambitious. Who does he think he is? The wrong side of sixty and more limbs malfunctioning than is half way decent. But happen it has. Hard graft? Yes. Difficult? Yes again, but isn't that true of everything worth doing? So to what do I attribute today's success? That's simple - support. Instructors who actually care that you learn to fly and an organisation with the singular intention of putting disabled people in the driving seat. Thanks BDFA, I couldn't (wouldn't) have done it without you. To handle a machine that few others do, to fly in perhaps the only space still (relatively) free of congestion. A gift (indeed a privilege) to be savoured. Flights on my own to locations I choose, when I want, it doesn't get much better."