Boost your fundraising


Embrace Technology.

Online fundraising, social media, videos, text donations. Take advantage of all the digital fundraising tools that are out there!

For online fundraising, we are registered with Virgin Money Giving, JustGiving and BT MyDonate. Each allow you to create your own fundraising page that can be easily shared via email and social media. There is no cash collection, no sponsor forms, and plenty of opportunity to personalise your messages to your friends and family.

Social media is a great way to let extended list of contacts (you know - those old school friends, the people you see once a year and maybe even an ex-boyfriend or two) know about your fundraising. Take a look at Just Giving’s Facebook tips for some ideas on how to get the most out of social media.

If a picture speaks a thousands words, what is a video worth? Videos are a great way to share your own fundraising story and introduce people to Aerobility. Check out our Vimeo page for a variety of our videos.

Make it easy for friends and family to donate as quickly as possible by using JustTextGiving. Donations can be made directly to your JustGiving page by sending a text message. If you create a JustGiving page, you’ll be guided through how to use JustTextGiving.

Make it personal.

Whether you’re collecting donations online, in-person or a combination of the two, the most important fundraising tip we can share is to tell your story. An engaging, personal story of your connection to the charity can make all the difference. People give to people. Include your friends and family in your fundraising journey. If you’re challenging yourself with an athletic event, let people know how hard you’re training. Maybe you’re celebrating the life of someone who loved aviation - tell people about them and why you chose to support Aerobility in their memory. Need some inspiration? Read some of our flyer’s success stories.

Stay safe and legal.

If you’re organising your own event such as a quiz night or a cake sale, the Institute of Fundraising has some key points for you to consider. Keep in mind if you’re participating in an event organised by a third party or by Aerobility, these considerations will be the responsibility of the organiser.

Lotteries, raffles, bingo events and race nights are all regulated by the Gambling Commission. Further information is available here, or you can contact us and we’ll talk you through it.

On-street collections, door-to-door collections and supermarket collections come with their own set of guidance. Please get in touch with us if you’re planning these types of collections.