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Cliff O’Farrell.



Cliff is learning to fly not just one but two aircraft.  He is aiming for his Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence as well as undertaking training modules to be a Commercial Fixed Wing Pilot. 

After serving in the Household Cavalry, Cliff was wounded in in action in Afghanistan in 2009.  Suffering extremely serious injuries after an explosion, he took nearly 4 years and countless operations to recover and rehabilitate. 


Not being able to serve anymore Cliff had a Group Aviation Experience and Trial flight followed by intensive flight training here at Aerobility. After more treatment he gained a scholarship through H4H to gain his PPL which he completed in just 45 hours.

Originally seen as a challenge and a way to prove himself, he treated his flight training as a job and hopes that it will continue in to a career.

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Cliff O’Farrell.
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