Moving Forward


The build is progressing at great pace and the first test of our engineering skill is approaching; with the first inspection by our LAA inspector looming in the next few weeks. Providing all is sound we will look to move on to the construction of the forward fuselage, which will include the mounting of the firewall and rear baggage hold. At this point we will also be able to mount the fuselage on the undercarriage, making it much easier to move around our workshop. We are also now looking into the avionics suite that we want to fit to the finished aircraft. The hope is to fully kit it out with digital instrumentation, including moving map facility and traffic collision avoidance system, thus maximising the potential lifespan of the airplane and providing the most up to date technology for our flyers.

As a charity, we are always looking for volunteers and would love to see new people getting involved in our projects.

What could YOU do to get involved?

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