Two good examples of why this is important!

Incident 1:

Pilot converting from flex-wing to fixed-wing was taxying to parking after a 90-minute flight in the fixed-wing aircraft, and to pass a parked aircraft he needed to turn to the right. In his previous flex-wing aircraft this would have involved moving his left foot forward, but in the fixed-wing this would turn the aircraft to the left. He mistakenly applied the wrong foot forward, inducing a rapid left turn which caused collision damage to the parked aircraft’s propeller.

Incident 2:

Pilot conducting his first flight on the type was taxying to the in-use runway. On approach to the threshold he “suddenly and inexplicably” lost control of the aircraft which turned 90 degrees to the left and collided with a temporary fence, stopping the engine. Pilot suggested that unfamiliarity with controls and cockpit layout was a contributing factor.

(Incident reports courtesy of GASCO Flight Safety)

Tony BirthComment