Aircraft Emergency
Key objectives to be met:
·         The welfare of all on board (The primary contact point is 999)
·         Contact with the CEO, Operations Manager and Chief Flying Instructor without delay
·         Co-operation with the CAA/AAIB and other relevant  authorities if requested
24 hour Accident Reporting line:
·         Reportable accidents to be notified to the AAIB (telephone 01252 512299)
·         Responsibility for notification rests with the pilot or, if he/she is incapacitated, the operator
·         The aerodrome authority must also notify accidents on or adjacent to the airfield
Aircraft Accident:                                 
·         An event, including bird-strike, which endangers (or if not corrected would endanger) an aircraft, its occupants
or any other person
Aircraft Disabled on ground:
·         Contact Blackbushe FIS (telephone 01252 873338) and do as they request
·       If Blackbushe FIS not operational, and aircraft appears damaged, contact 999 for medical aid and fire service. Proceed to aircraft and assist
·         If no damage apparent, proceed to aircraft and assist
Aircraft Overdue:                                 
At 30 minutes Overdue
·         Senior staff member on duty is Person-in-Charge (PIC) and informs CEO, Ops Manager or Chief Flying Instructor.
·         PIC collects information on the flight (POB, routeing, departure time, proposed arrival time, fuel, exercises undertaken etc.).
·         PIC informs Distress & Diversion Service (telephone 01489 612406)
·         PIC informs Blackbushe FIS and seeks information they may have about the flight.
 At 45 minutes Overdue:
·         PIC updates CEO, Ops Manager or Chief Flying Instructor
·         PIC contacts Blackbushe FIS to seek further information they may have
·         PIC compiles next-of-kin data for the flight crew and passengers if known
At 60 minutes Overdue:
·         PIC assumes aircraft to have crashed and the occupants to be at best badly injured
·         PIC terminates operations, and ensures that the phone lines remain open
·         PIC contacts Blackbushe FIS to state that Aerobility regards the aircraft as crashed, give all flight details as per the Flight Operations Log, plus ongoing updates, 
confirm that Aerobility is contacting next-of-kin, and request to receive any updated information received by the Tower
·         PIC remains in the office until relieved by another member of staff
·         There must be no contact with public media at this stage, to protect the privacy of those involved


In the event of need select the appropriate contact(s) from the following list:

Work No.
Mobile No./e-mail
General Emergencies
Mike Miller-Smith, CEO

Brian Catchpoole, Operations Manager
0303 303 1230

0303 303 1230

07747 617045
07752 895786
Flight Safety Matters

Mike Miller-Smith, CEO

Brian Catchpoole, Operations Manager

Mike Owen, Chief Flying Instructor
0303 303 1230

0303 303 1230

0303 303 1230


Fire Safety Matters
·         Emergency

·         Advice


Hampshire Fire & Rescue


01256 300372


Volunteer Matters

Bridie Collins
0303 303 1230
Health & Safety Matters
·         Responsibility

·         Advisor

·         Enforcement Agency

Brian Catchpoole, Operations Manager

Tony Birth, Volunteer

Health & Safety Executive, Priestley House, Priestley Road
Basingstoke, RG24 9NW

 0303 303 1230

01252 873432

01256 404100
(Fax only)

 07752 895786
07941 601438

Environmental Health Matters

Hart D.C.

01252 774421


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