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Perhaps you have started to learn to fly, have previously received a flying scholarship, are short on funds or have been grounded for a while and need just a few more hours to finish your licence or additional rating? If so you can apply for one of our current Scholarships/Bursaries and get back in the air with Aerobility. No matter what your background, civilian or services – all applications will be assessed on an equal basis.

If you would like to apply, please complete this application. By completing the form you are consenting to Aerobility collecting your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

All information provided will be treated with strict confidence.

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For example, you are aiming to achieve your PPL, but are short on funding due to restricted income
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Terms and Conditions
Please read the following carefully and then sign your application below: - The information contained within this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. - I agree that if my application is successful, I will support Aerobility by using my achievements to promote both the funder of this Scholarship/Bursary and the work of the charity. - Aerobility may contact you for clarification and additional information, if it is felt it may support your application. - I understand that the Aerobility Scholarship is funded by supporting organisations, and will be awarded to participants who best meet the criteria of each funding provider. - The Aerobility management team will liaise with the funding provider to award each Scholarship/Bursary and a joint decision will be made.