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Paul Spanner.



I served with the Royal Marines for over 27 years and was medically discharged in 2015 as a result of a near fatal break to my neck from riding with the Royal Navy Royal Marines Cycling Team.

Despite my very serious injuries I was walking within 3 days of surgery and riding a bike 9 weeks later.

I had many complications and I began a long period of recovery.  

During this dark period I joined the Team GB Paralympic Development Cycling Squad as well as skiing for the Armed Forces Para Snowsport Team.  In the background Aerobility has been a critical enabler in my recovery.  I have now completed over 50 hours flying and have flown solo.

I have always been a very confident person but through the art of learning to fly with Aerobility I have gained confidence in new areas and flying has increased my well-being and enjoyment of life. 

If you would like to read more about Mark's journey, please click the link to our blog below: 


Paul Spanner.
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