Age is just a number!

One of our regular fliers and volunteers recently felt compelled to share his story of just what Aerobility means to him.

‘A few years ago and maybe in some instances even today when someone reached the retirement age of 65 it was seen as the end of the road. Take your pension, sit in an armchair, watch the TV and wait to die.

This is certainly not for me.

I found Aerobility during the transition year when it moved from Lasham to Blackbushe. I took an experience flight with CFI Mike Owen and on the approach to runway 07 at Blackbushe Mike shut the throttle and said “Engine failure, get it down.” I thought this quite extraordinary as I had never flown with Mike before and only had limited experience at the controls of an aeroplane but Mike had faith in me and I found my confidence!

This was the start of my new life in retirement. I have flown all types of aircraft with all kinds of instructors, never intending to get my licence - and I still don’t.

A year or so ago I got involved with Aerobility’s “Building A Dream” project to build a Zenair 750 STOL aircraft and from then on I have been going to Blackbushe twice a week to help build this fully adapted plane.

Aerobility has given my retirement a meaning, given me something to get out of bed for, kept the old grey cells active - even if my body cannot be as active as it once was. The charity, the community at Aerobilty has stopped me from becoming an ‘armchair warrior’ slowly disintegrating into an early grave.

Never mind the flying, old age is a state of mind; I will be 80 years young in June and I am looking forward to quite a few more years with the help of Aerobilty.’

Written by ‘Anon-y-mouse’

May 19.jpg
Our Building A Dream project - the Zenair STOL CH 750 - being built by a team of disabled and able-bodied volunteers, the aircraft will have hand controls and will enable fliers with a range of disabilities to take to the skies, including all those involved in the challenge.
Laura Neaves