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Christian Saleta.



‘I still can’t believe it, my biggest dream is true now’ 

Christian has always been ambitious.  Following complications at birth Christian was born with physical disabilities, unfortunately these complications have proved difficult for Christian throughout his life, especially proving difficult when looking for work in the fields of aviation and automotive.  However throughout all of the upheaval in his life Christian had a big dream to become a pilot.  However, he always felt this dream was impossible and struggling to come to terms with this, he started to substitute this dream with working with fast cars. 

This all changed in 2013 when Christian was searching the internet and fell upon Aerobility. This once impossible dream finally felt possible. Christian felt inspired when he saw fellow Aerobility flyer Nathan Doidge, who suffers from the same disability as him, being given the opportunity to fly planes.

Christian explains that seeing this gave him hope thinking ‘If he can do it, I can do it!’. 

2 months ago Christian had the opportunity through Aerobility to undertake his first solo flight, saying the event was incredible, ‘When you line up with the runway, you see all the lights, and you feel the power, there is so much freedom, you can put things behind you’. Aerobility has also enabled Christian to improve his motor skills through handling the controls of the plane.

 The next step for Christian is to get his licence, which would enable him to fly the route that has always been a life-long goal for him which is to fly down the Alps into France and then on to Spain. 

‘Aerobility has made my biggest dream come true and I still can’t believe it’. 


Christian Saleta.
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